Communities - Surfside


Surfside Beach is a charming, two-mile long seaside community located directly south of Myrtle Beach. It started as a large plantation, which, after the American Revolution, the owner, John Tillman, and his family, divided for public use. After several name changes, the land was incorporated in 1964 with a population of 881, and designated Surfside Beach. Today, it has around 5,000 residents.

This community has retained more of an old-fashioned beach-town feel than any other place along the Grand Strand. It has a laid-back, casual vibe; rows of uniquely designed, pastel-colored beach houses line the streets along with modern hotels, high-rise condominiums, and mom-and-pop restaurants.

Surfside Beach is known as the Family Beach, and people come here to soak up the warmth not only of the sun, but of the easy-going, friendly people who make up this community. Clean, white, sandy beaches, tennis courts, baseball fields, a weekly farmers market, and multiple parks offer ample opportunities for families to relax and have a good time. The Surfside Pier was built in 1953; it offers magnificent views of the area and is a local favorite for fishing.


Wild Water and Wheels Water Park is one of the area’s most popular destinations; it has giant water slides and rides, relaxing pools, and a go-cart racing track.

In addition to being family friendly, this community is also an autism-friendly travel destination. It became the first so-designated location in the world in January 2016. Together with the Champion Autism Network (CAN), Surfside Beach has worked to implement proper training and resources amongst participating hotels, resorts, restaurants, and attractions so that families with autistic children can receive proper service and support— offering many the chance at having a fulfilling family vacation when they may otherwise opt to stay home.


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