You may have read our story and how it all began but Real Living Home Realty Group wouldn’t even exist with our two co-founders. Jim Parker and John Jobson have been partners for a very long time and they have accomplished a lot through the years. With a lot of experience in this industry, they push the company to achieve the highest goals. Read about them by clicking their profiles and you’ll be as impressed as we are. 

In addition, take a look at the message of our very own Broker-in-Charge below. 

Jim Parker

President Broker-in-charge

John Jobson

Vice-President Broker

A message from the Broker-in-Charge

Hi there, I’m Jim Parker! My business partner, John Jobson, and I are grateful for the team of professionals we have developed over the past few years. With years of experience in the real estate field, we believe that we have one of the strongest real estate company in the region. And the best is yet to come!

There are two components we pay close attention to in our desire to provide clients with the highest level of guidance and service: a strategic marketing and drive to stay on top of our ever-changing Grand Strand real estate market. As time unfolds, you will see our commitment to educating the consumer.

From professional layout and design to an abundance of market information, we believe staying “in the know” about market conditions will provide you with the confidence necessary to make a well-informed real estate decision.

Life leads you many places so let us lead you home. 

Real Living Home Realty Group - Broker-in-Charge - Jim Parker

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Co-Owner of Real Living and Broker-in-Charge at Real Living Home Realty Group and The Coastal Insider. In 1983 he entered into the real estate industry in the Myrtle Beach area and hasn’t looked back since. Jim thrives on the opportunity to encourage his team to take chances and dream big. On any day you will most likely see him surrounded with our team, collaborating new and exciting ways to educate and connect our community.

His commitment to hard work and dedication to success began in Camden, SC. There, he worked tediously on his family’s 200-acre farm. Jim has never deterred from hard work, and by age of 15, in addition to working on the family farm, he began working at a recycling center; chopping wood in the wintertime for his family and community; and delivering the Camden Chronicle to local businesses in the area.

From 1978 to 1983, Jim served in the U.S. Air Force at the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base before beginning his real estate career. In 1983, Jim purchased the agency he was working for and turned it into a general brokerage, Parker Realty, Inc. Three years later, Jim started Commercial Landtec Corporation, before partnering with John Jobson in 1993.

For nearly 27 years, Jim and John have developed and transformed countless businesses along the Grand Strand including: Real Living Home Realty Group, Commercial Landtec, Palm Shores Development Corporation, Site Tech Systems, The Coastal Insider, and Coastal Lifestyle Homes, Ltd. Serving the community has been Jim’s life’s work and he’s not done yet!


Real Living Home Realty Group - Vice-President Broker - John Jobson

John Jobson

As Co-owner of Real Living and The Coastal Insider, John Jobson’s role takes on a higher meaning and a deeper level. Not only is he a valued leader, but a mentor and confidante, assisting us with anything causing us strife, advising us on how to proceed with conflict or just listening.

John Jobson was born in Augusta, Georgia and raised in North Augusta, South Carolina. He came to Myrtle Beach by chance when he was recruited to work for a real estate and golf development company to design, build and sell new communities.

Soon thereafter, John and Jim knew that together they could go far. Since partnering with Jim Parker and 1993, he has focused on commercial land and development projects with Commercial Landtec Corp, a commercial and land brokerage and Palm Shores Development, Corp that operates a large manufactured home community in Garden City.

When John isn’t at work he is spending time with his lovely wife Mary, to whom he has been married for over 45 years! Together they have a beautiful daughter and 4 grandsons. They go as often as they can to visit them in Nashville. When John asks us how we are doing, he is not just asking to be nice, he genuinely cares and wants to know. John is not only a valued leader in our company, but also in our community as a Deacon at Pawleys Island Community Church. His leadership and guidance provide our company with the balance and direction needed to succeed.